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Our goal is to advocate for our clients' interests and not our own, that's why we are proud of what we've been able to achieve on their behalf.

  • Awards

    Malady & Wooten is proudly to be recognized as a prominent leading government relations firm in Pennsylvania. Below are just a few recent awards and acknowledgments of our ongoing accomplishments in our field.

    The 2022 Impact 50

    Meet the Pennsylvanians who are making the world a better place.

    There is no better time than the end of the year to offer a valedictory to the Pennsylvanians who have dedicated their careers and lives to making the commonwealth a better, safer place to live through adherence to the principles of environmentalism, sustainability and governance – in other words, to those who make a positive impact on our world.

    Introducing the Impact 50, a select group of people who exemplify what it means to be socially responsible citizens and who City & State is proud to recognize. The leaders profiled in the following pages hail from across the spectrum – business, government, nonprofits and advocacy – and exemplify the optimism and idealism that are so desperately needed to help the state and its citizens persevere through challenges like the pandemic, community crises and political factionalism.

    Thank you to all who submitted nominations for this year’s Impact 50, which has been researched by City & State and written by freelance writer Hilary Danailova.

    John Malady
    Founder, Malady & Wooten

    John Malady - Founder, Malady & Wooten
    John Malady / Amy Nastick Photography

    Government relations expert John Malady is a founding partner of Malady & Wooten, a 23-year-old Harrisburg lobbying firm with a presence extending to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Over the course of his career, Malady has represented clients in health care, economic development, environmental outfits, social services and the cultural sphere. Malady, who has worked to secure funding for the Weinberg Northeast Regional Foodbank and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, serves as vice chair of Communities in Schools of Pennsylvania.

    The Top 50 Pennsylvania Lobbyists 2022

    The leading government relations firms in the state, ranked by revenue.

    PA State Capitol


    SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

    Malady & Wooten

    Stacy Gromlich, Member & Jenna McCarthy, Member

    Stacy Gromlich and Jenna McCarthy
    Stacy Gromlich & Jenna McCarthy / Amy Nastick Photography

    Key industries: Health care, energy, transportation, education, telecommunications

    Notable clients: Merakey, Pennsylvania Life Providers Alliance, Highmark, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), Ayr Wellness

    Other key employees: Lisa Dishong, Nicole Fidler, Dennis Giorno, PJ Lavelle, Micki Leininger, Drew Lyons, John Malady, Jodie Stuck, Andy Surra

    Company news: Over the past year, the team at Malady Wooten has continued to grow. Their dedicated lobbyists represent a large and diverse group of clients before the state government.

    Biggest achievement: The firm has focused on serving clients by collaborating with them throughout the process, working to understand the issues of critical importance to each client to achieve the best outcome. This is particularly true when serving clients in the complex world of health and human services, which constantly sees new technologies and interactions between various health care services. The team has extensive experience navigating these intricate systems through their representation of service providers, entities creating new and innovative treatments, medical marijuana companies and those trusted with caring for the commonwealth’s most vulnerable residents.

  • Recent Successes

    As Pennsylvania lobbyists and experienced government consultants, we work tirelessly to achieve results for our clients. Here are some of Malady &Wooten's recent successes, including key pieces of legislation, regulatory changes, and funding events.

    Special Education Funding

    Stopped the implementation of a new special education funding formula for charter schools which would have resulted in steep and unsustainable cuts.

    Permanent Funding for Mass Transit

    Led the transit industry's efforts to obtain significant new sources of dedicated funding in the Act 89 package that was passed in November 2013.

    Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP)

    Secured millions in redevelopment capital assistance funds for a variety of clients.

    Regional Food Bank

    Secured $1 million for the construction of a new facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

    Statutory Policy Change

    Engineered insertion of provider reimbursement standards into Appropriation statute, resulting in several million dollars of savings for a client.

    Charter School Approval

    Helped a charter school gain approval in three municipalities in the Commonwealth.

    Educational Capital Improvements

    Changed the charter school law to enable charters to borrow for capital improvements.


    Assisted a client in securing $65 million in new information technology contracts with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

    Assisted in the creation and subsequent expansion of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.

    Expand Scope of Practice

    Secured passage of legislation to allow optometrists to refer patients to occupational therapists for care and for pharmacists to perform medication therapy management in collaboration with physicians.

    Education Funding

    Secured several million dollars in recurring annual revenue for the Pennsylvania Chartered Schools for Deaf and Blind children.

  • Case Studies

    The following case studies illustrate why our government affairs professionals are in demand. Our Pennsylvania lobbyists have a strong track record of successfully representing the interests of our business, association and nonprofit clients before government decision makers.

    Resort Casinos Hit the Jackpot


    We were retained by Pennsylvania's smaller resort casinos (Category 3) as the General Assembly began to revisit and expand Pennsylvania's Gaming Act. Originally envisioned as an additional amenity to their existing resorts, the Category 3 casinos were limited to only 500 slot machines and 50 table games. Additionally, only guests of the resort were permitted to access the gaming facility. If a member of the general public wanted to enter the casino, they first had to spend $10 to “patronize the resort” before they could gain access. With the timing right to amend the Gaming Act, the resort casinos sought to remove the requirement that guests of the casino patronize the resort, add additional slot and table game capacity and be allowed to participate in the other gaming expansion options the General Assembly authorized.

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    Enactment of the first “clean slate” law in the United States


    Along with our client, the Justice Action Network, we set out to improve upon a law enacted just one session prior that allowed for a process to petition the courts to seal low level, non-violent summary and misdemeanors after ten years, while still retaining access to those records for law enforcement. The clean slate legislation removed the requirement to hire a lawyer and petition the court to seal criminal records, as it automatically seals records after the ten-year period.

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    PA Slots Gaming Legislation

    Malady &Wooten's lobbyists saw to the legislation which legalized slot machine gaming in Pennsylvania. Our team collaborated with leaders in the executive branch and legislators in the House and Senate as the legislation was crafted to ensure that our clients' interests were addressed in the enacted final product.

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    Veto Override

    At the end of the Rendell Administration the General Assembly passed HB 101, an omnibus school code bill that included a laundry list of separate bills that had passed at least one chamber of the General Assembly. The amendment to HB 101 included priority legislation for all four caucuses.

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    Leveling the Playing Field

    Incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1976, Quest Diagnostics is the world's leading provider of diagnostic information services that patients and doctors need to make the best healthcare decisions. Quest Diagnostics offers expansive access to diagnostic testing services through its wide network of laboratories and over 200 patient service centers located throughout the Commonwealth. Until recently, however, Quest's ability to deliver the highest quality healthcare products and services, available to over 300 Pennsylvania customers, was threatened by an inconsistent interpretation of the state's Clinical Lab Act of 1952, with regard to prohibited practices. Specifically, Quest Diagnostics, a state licensed lab, was being held to stricter anti-kickback regulations than its unlicensed out-of-state competitors.

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    Wireless Broadband Collocation Act

    Demand for wireless service is growing exponentially. Estimates show that in 2014 wireless networks in the United States will carry forty times the amount of traffic carried in 2009. New devices and technologies consume more bandwidth and attract more wireless subscribers. In order to meet this growing demand, it became apparent that wireless providers, including Malady &Wooten's client, T-Mobile, must be able to build out and upgrade their existing networks in a manner which rationally and reasonably respects local government control.

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  • Giving Back

    Strong and lasting relationships are rooted in mutual respect and measurable investments of both time and energy. Malady &Wooten's special commitment to the Bridge Educational Foundation over the years has resulted in substantial support to a worthy organization. Our firm's advocacy for Bridge resulted in state-appointed funds that make it possible to educate needy children, and we personally work to serve its network. Rick Wooten and Dennis Giorno actively sit on its board, and Rick also serves as treasurer. These relationships allow us to give back to our community, sharing our insight and know-how to promote its advancement.

    Team members from Malady Wooten donating a check for $145,700 to Bridge Educational Foundation

    two young boys standing next to a sign that thanks Malady &Wooten government &legislative affairs for their corporate sponsorship

    Malady &Wooten is Proud to Join our Client, Walgreens in sponsoring the 2017 Red Nose Day. This Annual Charity Drive is on a mission to end child poverty through the power of entertainment, Red Nose Day raises awareness and money to help the kids who need us most, both at home and in some of the poorest communities around the world. Malady &Wooten team members wearing red noses for Walgreens Red Nose Day 2017

    Malady &Wooten, Inc. is a Proud Sponsor of the University of Pittsburgh Women's Ice Hockey Team 2016-2017
    University of Pittsburgh logo

"We know the decision-makers. We understand how they make those decisions, and we know how to make those decisions benefit our clients."

- John F. Malady
Principal &Founder