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Jodie Stuck & Dennis Giorno are experts in government affairs.

About Us

Increasingly so, the influence of government in the business sphere has made it a practical and productive tool to success in business. The government affairs veterans at Malady & Wooten are skilled in breaking down the complexities between business and government to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

A Matter of Trust

Government affairs is predominantly about access to the decision makers. At Malady & Wooten, we get to the decision makers. Our time-tested relationships with the elected officials that determine action are marked by trust and mutual respect. Our decades of experience in government affairs are evidenced by our ability to steer our clients through the government process and navigate our key relationships, both public and private, to your advantage.

Efficient Insiders
Statewide Network
Trusted Advisors

We’ve teamed with a wide range of clients from many industries, including:

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Gaming
  • Health and Human Services
  • Liquor/Tobacco
  • Non-profit associations
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation