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  • Trusted advocates

    “They advocated for us, in the truest sense of the word.”

    - Quest Diagnostics

    Our Team

    John Malady & Robert Wooten lead our team and provide direction to maintain our position among the top lobbying firms.
  • Loyal and lasting relationships

    “For well over a decade we’ve depended on Malady & Wooten and our trust has only increased with time.”

    - Gene Brady, Chairman - PA Weatherization Task Force

    Our Services

    Dennis Giorno, Jodie Stuck, and Tony Payton are experts at building loyal & lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Harmony in counsel

    “Their combination of wise and reliable insight and clear results is very rare.”

    - Richard P. Simmons, Chairman of the Board -The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

    Learn More About Us

    Jodie Struck planning the next steps with a client.
  • Understanding and communicating

    “They understood and conveyed our rather complicated issue to the decision makers who needed to understand it.”

    - The Chartered School for the Deaf and Blind

    Our Achievements

    John Malady sits down to dive into a clients complicated public affairs issue
  • Dependable and Impartial

    “Our association is one with diverse interests and Malady & Wooten was able to focus on and deliver what was important to achieve our goals.”

    - PA Association of Chain Drug Stores

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    We understand the law and can work on both sides of the political aisle as an ethical and impartial lobbying firm.

Making Things Happen in Public Affairs

Malady & Wooten is one of the top lobbying firms in Pennsylvania, holding a reputation as a trusted advisor and a seasoned public affairs advocate. Founded in 1999 by legislative veterans John Malady and Rick Wooten, the firm brings more than 150 years of experience and expertise to the public affairs arena.

With the main office in Harrisburg and a presence in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Malady & Wooten's network of government relationships and client contacts stretches across the Commonwealth. Positioned as one of the commonwealth’s top lobbying firms, their extensive network connects people in the community with decision makers in the Government. Malady & Wooten’s willingness to work for causes and issues on both sides of the political aisle is why they’ve been recognized as both an ethical and impartial lobbying firm.